Our Values

Our motto, 'For one, For all', truly encompasses what we believe and is something that we are reminded of daily through the happiness that we see within our children.

Three key values underpin everything we do and want to achieve daily at Demetae Academy:


For children and staff to reach their full potential happiness must be an integral part of life. We believe in not just teaching happiness but living it. We want children to have a love for learning, a love for life and a love for each other and we believe this can be achieved by ensuring happiness is woven through the everyday, through how we learn, how we communicate and how we interact.


Demetae itself was created on belief and believing in a vision. To truly engage in life and succeed you need to have belief and believe in yourself, each other and that anything is achievable if you truly focus on it and know where you want to go and what you want to achieve.


We will always come across things in life that challenge us – these are the things that shape us, help us to grow and understand the world around us. Without adversity we would struggle to find our way and without courage we would struggle to overcome. This is why we thread courage through everything we do at Demetae. We want to encourage courageous learners challenge themselves in all they do.