An Independent School for 3-14 year olds

At Demetae Academy we value childhood and education, no hour, day or week should be lost.

We believe that all children should have the best possible opportunities provided to them through a curriculum and experiences that will spark imagination, ingenuity and academic exploration.

We utilise the National Curriculum and deliver it in ways that will engage, enthral and ignite a passion for learning that sets children on a course for life that will create a love of learning and a hunger for success.

A welcome from our Headteacher

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

At Demetae Academy we are extremely proud of the unique learning environment we have created. The children at Demetae Academy have an education that is unlike any other and we engage every child with revolutionary approaches that set us apart from other schools.

We believe in a broad range of teaching and learning styles. These vary from traditional teaching to Montessori inspired creative learning. This mix of approaches aids children to reach their maximum potential, whether they are academic, creative, practical or an amalgamation of everything.

Our school has grown quickly since opening in September 2021. I am extremely proud of what the children and staff have achieved in this time - every child is a credit to our school and more importantly a credit to themselves.

Viewing our Facebook page will allow you to get a real understanding of the holistic teaching approaches we provide on a daily basis. No class has more than ten pupils with an average ratio of 1:5. This again sets us apart and truly allows us to explore the interests and strengths of all our children so they truly flourish.

Our team is made up of experienced educational professionals who push boundaries and maximise potential. Our leaders have proven track records with Outstanding achievements and proven leadership skills that shine through everything they do.

I have worked within education for nearly twenty years, and the team we have at Demetae are truly unique and a credit to the school. Our children are lucky to have such passionate and skilled professionals. We encourage independence, embrace individuality and promote happiness and mental wellbeing by embracing our motto of – ‘For One, For all’.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website and please feel free to contact me directly to arrange a personal tour of our wonderful school.

Matthew Davies

Our Vision

At Demetae Academy we believe childhood should be protected and encouraged with nurture and well-being at the heart of everything we do, the talents your child has will be celebrated daily.

Scandinavian Inspired

Having been inspired by Montessori and Scandinavian style approaches to education, we incorporate some of these theories and practices into our school but also believe in certain forms of traditional education for structure and routine. We have managed to find the ideal blend of these practices to give your child an educational experience like no other.

Our Curriculum

Every child will have a broad and balance educational experience at Demetae Academy. It is our approaches to learning that set us apart from other schools.

Incorporated into our curriculum will be a range of experiences that form part of the everyday here. What would normally be classified as 'extra curricular' for us would be the norm.

We not only want children to thrive academically but also develop skills that develop their personalities, explore their interests and set a spark for learning for life.

We also have a love for the outdoors and Forest School plays an integral role within our learning. Outdoor learning takes place within three acres of forest that truly engages our children and allows them to push themselves and truly immerse themselves in learning.

Why Choose
Demetae Academy?

A Unique Setting

Our school is unique and our environment is the perfect backdrop for engagement in learning.

Condensed Learning Groups

Class sizes are no bigger than 10 children, allowing for greater teacher and child interaction.

Focused Learning

Engaged and focused learning, both in and outside of the classroom.

Know More

At Demetae Academy we welcome EVERY child and our Headteacher would be more than happy to arrange a one to one meeting with you and your child.

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