About us


At Demetae Academy we believe that all children deserve an education and curriculum that fits their needs. In an ever changing world we create a curriculum that suits your child.

Leadership and our History

Our founders believed that education should be revolutionary, vibrant and engaging on a daily basis.

Demetae Academy was born from a vision of experienced leaders with proven track records and decades of experience.

Having experienced success and having vast understanding within the state educational system they believed that there was a need for something that could take education to the next level. Something that would ensure every child was able to meet their potential every day that would give them opportunity to explore their own interests and skills so they could truly reach their full potential.

By removing certain barriers that can be problematic within schools, such as large class sizes, low staff to pupil ratios and restrained curriculums they believed that they could revolutionise learning approaches that created true engagement.

Having seen this vision become a reality since September 2021 we now believe that this is possible

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