Demetae Academy is the first Independent, Scandinavian-inspired, Progressive School in Staffordshire for children aged 4-11.

If your child is a high flyer, struggles with the constraints of a traditional school system or would just thrive in a creative learning environment that promotes individuality, then Demetae Academy is definitely something you should consider.


We believe that all children deserve an education and curriculum that fits their needs, in an ever-changing world we create a curriculum that suits your child.

The plight of Covid has had a significant impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing over the last year and Demetae Academy is somewhere that will provide a unique learning environment for children, where mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do.


Having been inspired by the Montessori approach to education, Demetae incorporates some of these theories and practices into the school but also believe in certain elements of traditional education for structure and routine.

 'We believe we have managed to find the ideal blend of practices to give your child the education they deserve and are entitled to.

By combining traditional and progressive approaches to education, with our proven Outstanding team, who have years of experience throughout the education sector, we know we have created something genuinely unique and special.'