Our school motto guides our curriculum development.

‘For one, for all’

At Demetae Academy, our curriculum is a testament to our commitment to individualised education, guided by the core principle: 'For All, For One.' Aligned with the National Curriculum, our unique approach sets us apart, ensuring that every child experiences tailored learning that speaks to their needs and interests.

Leveraging the advantage of our smaller size, we craft bespoke curricula that captivate and inspire. Our commitment to alternative experiences includes integrating Forest School activities and local visits, enriching the educational journey for each student. Drawing inspiration from Montessori and Scandinavian educational philosophies, we seamlessly blend these innovative approaches with elements of traditional education to offer a distinctive and enriching learning experience.

At Demetae Academy, we place the well-being and nurture of childhood at the forefront. Daily celebrations of each child's unique talents contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment.

Implementation of our curriculum emphasizes independence, cultivating critical thinking in a culture of self-directed learning. We foster curiosity and innovation, recognizing them as key components of academic achievement and discovery. Through this approach, we instill a love for the environment, surroundings, and mutual respect, nurturing resilient learners equipped for an ever-changing world.

Our school is characterized by a rich tapestry of individuality, excitement, and encouragement. Committed to providing every child with a distinctive and engaging learning experience, we aim to impart skills and knowledge that guide them toward a path of lifelong success.

The impact of our curriculum is measured by the growth, resilience, and success of each student as they navigate their educational and life journey. 'For All, For One' encapsulates our inclusive philosophy, ensuring that every child, regardless of academic ability, finds a welcoming and enriching space at Demetae Academy.

The Demetae 5 Be's underpin and curriculum and values and are what we thread through all aspects of learning:

  • Be Inspired
  • Be helpful
  • Be useful
  • Be courageous
  • Be your best you

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